Introducing TIDAL Collabs: Your Passport to Creative Connections in the Music World

On the heels of the launch of TIDAL Artist Home, TIDAL’s artist dashboard, we’re excited to introduce you to TIDAL Collabs – a fantastic, free product that’s about to revolutionize the way you connect with fellow artists, expand your audience, and ignite your creativity. In the fast-paced world of independent music, collaborations are the key to growth and success, and TIDAL Collabs is the bridge that’ll help you find your ideal musical partners, broaden your horizons, and unlock your full artistic potential.

Discover compatible artists at a glance

Artists who opt-in to TIDAL Collabs through TIDAL Artist Home can now see their personalized list of recommended artists, complete with insights why they might be a mutual fit.  Get matched with individuals who share your vision, musical style, and audiences, ensuring productive connection.  Each recommendation comes with key insights explaining why the recommended artists would make strong potential collaborators. Artists can then click on the profiles of their TIDAL-recommended collaborators to learn more about each artist. These profiles offer visualizations of an artist’s listener data, including the age and geographical locations of their listeners. Additionally, artists can customize their profiles to showcase their sonic, visual, and social identity, providing a holistic understanding of their artistic style and brand.

Confidently connect with fellow artists

Reaching out to potential collaborators can be daunting. The fear of rejection, the worry of wasted time, and the anxiety of missed opportunities can often hold you back. The good news is that the days of sending blind DMs on social media are over! With TIDAL Collabs, you can confidently connect with fellow artists who are on the same page as you. You’ll know they’re just as eager to connect, making the whole process a lot smoother and more reassuring.

Exclusive Opportunity: TIDAL Collabs Spotlight

TIDAL has teamed up with none other than LEGENDARY Jermaine Dupri for the TIDAL Collabs Spotlight. Until January 17th, 2024, artists based in the US who make a match through TIDAL Collabs can enter for a chance to win in-studio time and mentorship with the GRAMMY award-winning producer, music executive, and Hall of Fame songwriter, Jermaine Dupri! Imagine the possibilities! To enter, artists can submit themselves and their match through the email provided after they’ve signed up for TIDAL Collabs.

So, how can you seize this opportunity? 

Head over to to get started on your journey with TIDAL Collabs. If you’re already enrolled in TIDAL Artist Home, simply keep an eye out for the new “Collabs” tab on your homepage and get ready to explore the exciting world of musical collaborations.

In a rapidly changing music landscape, TIDAL Collabs is your ticket to finding the perfect musical partners, expanding your reach, and unlocking your artistic potential. Don’t miss out on this game-changing product – give it a whirl and let your creativity shine!

Get started today!