“Everything AFTER the music…”

Want your release to a be a success? Then you need much more than mastered music files.

There are a number of big-picture and nitty-gritty things you’ll want to prepare before you launch your next single or album into the world.

In this episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, we talk through the whole checklist.

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  • 00:00 INTRO
  • 05:24 What else you need once the music is mixed & mastered
  • 07:17 Making a music release checklist
  • 08:44 Defining your priority goal and budget for this music release
  • 15:09 Music file formats, cloud storage, and private sharing
  • 18:07 Formatted lyrics
  • 19:14 Variations of your artist image
  • 20:25 Good artist photos, album art, social imagery
  • 25:32 A consistent brand and style guidelines
  • 28:43 Building a world around your music
  • 29:49 Dialing in your artist story
  • 31:43 UPC, ISRCs, RIYL (what other artists do you sound like?)
  • 36:26 The essential components of your web presence
  • 38:48 Getting fans’ contact info with a lead magnet
  • 41:27 Have one good live video
  • 44:30 Getting press, playlist placements, and audience attention
  • 47:06 Music promo tools to simplify your life
  • 49:20 A checklist on its own won’t drive success
  • 51:37 Listener calls and emails
  • 51:55 How to use Spotify’s notes field when pitching
  • 55:48 How to write a great music pitch or ad copy
  • 57:44 Expanding the gender demographics of your fanbase
  • 01:06:30 Kickstarer vs pre-orders
  • 01:11:14 Final Thoughts


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