Notetracks Music Collaboration Tools

How to use Notetracks to streamline your online music collaborations.

If you’re anything like me, long-distance music collaboration can be a nightmare of scattered messages: emails, texts, DMs, Dropbox or Drive links, and even Marco Polos.

And when I say “nightmare,” I mean for my collaborators; I send them feedback in whatever way is most convenient in the moment.

They pick up the pieces 🤦 (and quietly hate me). Worse, when I’m paying those collaborators, any extra time they have to spend making sense of my scattered messages is on my dime.

That’s why I was so excited to discover a new tool called Notetracks. I’m honestly shocked this wasn’t invented a decade ago. It makes the back-and-forth between collaborators so much easier! 

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Get better and faster results when collaborating on music.

Prior to the pandemic, loads of music was already being created via long-distance collaboration; but lockdowns and distancing has accelerated online music-making and increased our need for good collab tools.

With Notetracks, you can streamline your collaborative conversations with producers, beatmakers, mixing engineers, remixers, topline singers, or session players. It helps you get closer to that feeling of being in the same room, and gives you super intuitive ways to share feedback about a track or session.

Online collaboration tools for musicians

Whether you’re writing a song, building a demo, or finalizing a mix, Notetracks lets you:

  • Share tracks or stems with multiple collaborators while keeping the conversation in one place.
  • Leave notes as you listen. If you think “oh, that drum fill into the first chorus should be louder,” just write it out; your note will automatically get attached to that exact moment in the song. If your collaborators have comments, they can respond in the same thread. 
  • Add icons for song-form (verse, chorus, bridge, drop, outro, etc.) and instrumentation for quick visual reference.
  • Match audio and video if you’re collaborating with a videographer, film editor, or agency.

If you’re making music with an online collaborator, check out the quick video below. Then give Notetracks a try!

Remember to use coupon code CDB25 to get 25% off your first three months.