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You can now make more money from your music on TIDAL, in addition to any streaming revenue you’re already earning from the hi-fi music platform.

TIDAL has a history of being an artist-focused service, from being the first major streaming platform to offer CD-quality audio to paying artists the highest rates in the industry. Now TIDAL has announced a slew of new features that benefit both subscribers and artists. The biggest news for artists who have distributed music to TIDAL is the new Direct Artist Payouts Program.

What is TIDAL’s Direct Artist Payouts Program?

With their new program, TIDAL will pay up to 10% of a HiFi Plus listener’s monthly subscription fee to the most-streamed artist on that listener’s account each month. This is in addition to any revenue the artist earns for streams.

What does this mean? If at the end of the month any TIDAL HiFi Plus subscribers have streamed your songs the most out of any of their streamed artists, TIDAL will pay you up to 10% of the fee that subscriber pays for their HiFi Plus membership.

In other words, TIDAL is rewarding you for any superfans who are streaming your music more than any other artist. Yet another incentive to market your music and cultivate a loyal following!

How will the Direct Artist Payouts be paid?

TIDAL established a payment threshold of $50. So once revenue accrued by meeting the “most-streamed artist” criteria reaches at least $50 through this new program, TIDAL will report it to CD Baby. We’ll then pay that amount to you through your CD Baby account just like any other revenue.

Will CD Baby take a cut from the payouts?

No. Artists keep 100% of the money earned through this program.

How do I take part in TIDAL’s Direct Artist Payouts Program?

Existing CD Baby artists who have opted in for distribution to TIDAL will receive a link via email to participate. New artists can head here to get started releasing music, and CD Baby will follow up about the program. Artists not currently distributing to TIDAL, can read about how to make distribution changes here.

TIDAL is also making changes to its user tiers

TIDAL has geared its free tier to new customers who are not familiar with TIDAL. It is a limited audio-only experience. Interruptions will be limited to TIDAL content, including artists’ new releases and existing catalogs. This is initially available in the US only.

TIDAL is changing its existing Premium tier to a HiFi tier (priced at $9.99 per month in the US, and equivalent rates internationally), which will include all of the existing features today of TIDAL’s $9.99 tier, with the addition of lossless audio quality. 

TIDAL is changing its existing HiFi tier to a new HiFi Plus tier (priced at $19.99 per month in the US, and equivalent rates internationally). This includes: (i) immersive audio formats, (ii) fan-centered royalties and (iii) direct artist payouts.