Five music business podcasts for your commute

Try these music business business podcasts, and become a smarter music marketer.

Had enough Cardi B on the car radio? Tired of Trump-talk on the news? Sick of hearing Rupert Holmes’ “Escape” on Sirius XM’s Yacht Rock station?

I am. So for the past few months I’ve been diving back into music business and songwriting podcasts when I’m driving or jogging. (Okay, sure. I CAN live without them. They’re podcasts, not peanut butter cookies. But they’ve been great motivators.)

Since podcast apps are so ubiquitous, each of these are available for streaming, download, and listening anywhere, any time. That makes it simple for you to find inspiration for any stage in your music career. (You may even be inspired to start podcasting yourself!)

If you want music marketing education, creative inspiration, or a shoulder to cry on, try these podcasts:

  1. The DIY Musician Podcast

    Playing favorites here (since I’m the occasional co-host of this CD Baby podcast), but we have over 200 episodes where we discuss a wide range of do-it-yourself strategies for building and sustaining a music career.

  2. The Music Industry Blueprint

    Rick Barker, former manger of Taylor Swift, delivers weekly podcasts about entrepreneurial mindset, details about music management, and building a brand.

  3. Creative Juice

    This podcast goes deep in the weeds (in a good way) on direct marketing and Facebook advertising.

  4. The Six Minute Music Business Podcast

    Exactly what it sounds like! Six minute episodes about various aspects of the music business, delivered by Wade Sutton of Rocket to the Stars.

  5. Song Exploder

    Dissect the creative process and hear how a song comes together. This is cool step-by-step look at songwriting and music production across multiple genres.

Special mention for Joe Pug’s The Working Songwriter podcast, where he talks shop with Americana, folk, country, pop, and rock songwriters.

What are your favorite music-related podcasts? Let me know below.