Use iMovie to Make a Music Video in Minutes – iMovie ’11

August 2, 2011{ 11 Comments }

Make a Music Video with iMovie (logo)No you don’t need a bazillion dollars, a Ferrari Testarossa and Hollywood actors to make a music video. All you need is a Mac, iMovie, a song, and some videos or pictures.

Video search engines like YouTube have become one of the most significant ways for music fans to discover new music. This makes it more important than ever for musicians to create a music channel with plenty of their own work available for listening.

iMovie has a cool feature that makes it easy to set your video transitions with the beat of your song. You can literally create a music video in just minutes.

Mark Your Beats

Just drag your song into iMovie and select ‘clip trimmer.’  Hit the space bar to play your song. You can listen to the song and hit the ‘M’ key in time with the beat. This will set your transition points. Then when you drag in pictures or video clips they will be automatically matched to the beat. Pretty cool.

Watch this quick tutorial by

Once you’ve made your video with iMovie, make sure you upload it to YouTube where it can be discovered and shared by just about anyone on the planet.

Stay tuned for many more articles on using video and YouTube this month on the DIY Musician Blog.










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  • very helpful, thanks.

    • If you make something using iMovie, feel free to come back here and post the link. We'd love to see it.

  • Prashant

    Thanks that is very helpful!

    • Glad to help. It's not a perfect solution, and does require some finessing, but it's definitely a good place to start when you're looking for quick and easy video solutions.

  • Nice. You'll probably get some hits from people searching for that piece too. Good thing you tagged "Battle Hymn of…"

  • OK, This is one way of getting FAN'S. I have songs, on VHS. With a small band, these are valuable entertainment, worth money, which I need !? I always thought that it would be easy ??? My drummer is wanting me to stay in the groove. Well I have invented new grooves. CAN I GET HELP WITH THE VHS ! ???? LIKE MOVIES ? Can I sell my video's ? Is this a new media ? I just want to get paid.

    • I'm not sure I understand. People don't really pay for music videos. They're promotional tools. Free on YouTube! Also, VHS ain't exactly going like hotcakes anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info about the beat markers. I've been using iMovie for a while, making visuals to go with kids educational songs. Here's a link to one:

  • very helpful indeed

  • Actually, I don't think that feature existed in the 09 version. But I'm not absolutely sure of that.