How every song will get plays on Spotify

January 31, 2014{ 5 Comments }


Oh, did I say “plays?” I meant “play,” as in… a SINGLE play.

You see, there are currently four million tracks in the Spotify catalog that have never been streamed through the platform — and Forgotify is on a noble mission to get that number down to zero! They believe that every song deserves at least one listen.

So how are they doing it? Through old-fashioned elbow grease and music promotion muscle? No, no, no — of course not. They’ve got some kinda fancypants linkup.

When you go to and click “Start Listening,” they’ll scan Spotify’s catalog for lonely little tracks that have never been played, serve ’em up in an embedded Spotify music player, and hope for the best.

If you like the track, you can share it with your friends on social media. If you think to yourself, “there’s a reason why no one has ever listened to this song,” well then, you can just skip to the next unheard track.

I’m currently listening to — and occasionally skipping — tracks on Forgotify, waiting for one of my own songs to come up. It’s scary, sad, exciting, fun.

Check it out for yourself at!

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  • Haha. You’ve ROBBED someone else of the opportunity to hear your tracks!

    @ Chris Robley

  • Oh, no. I was just putting that in caps for emphasis. I thought your comment was humorour, implying that by listening to your own tracks on Spotify you’re robbing someone else of the experience of potentially finding those songs on Forgotify.

    @ Chris Robley

  • Meant to type: humorous.

    @ Chris Robley

    • Cy Brazanthr

      It was humorous. I just wanted to be sure I understood.

  • Guy

    RE:there are currently four million tracks in the Spotify catalog that have never been streamed, I guess we need 4 million people to start listening, lol