• Intersting coinicidence – just this morning I was at a marketing workshop at our local arts council – a workshop aimed at the marketing people for arts organizations. The presenter had a different data set, with the exact same trends.

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    Quite 90's i would say 😉

    Fact is that 90% of teens think email as spam. Email itself is rarity 2012 when IM's, FB, Twitter rule the communication. There are few individuals and companies that make money from musicians by making them send newsletters and that is a good business not the actual newsletter sending.

    I work in a company that probably has the worlds largest opt-in database of emails from 13-18y teens and i can say that the figures are way different than in your examples. In 2005 email was still good tool, but in 2012 it's not.

    I'm only talking about teens. Older people who still click Viagra spams are different case 😉

    • Yeah. The world is changing fast, so it'll be interesting to see what the data is 4 or 5 years from now.

  • This has certainly held true for me. I use FB, Twitter, and LinkIn, but email results in the greatest number of orders by far.

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    Good information to have, and reassuring to me since my music targets older fans (35+). When was the survey conducted?

    • They do surveys like this every year and it's always the same result. Email is king.