CD Baby Partners with Shazam, the World’s Most Popular Music Discovery Mobile App

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How to Get Your Music on ShazamHow to get your music on Shazam

Exciting news: CD Baby is the first independent music aggregator to partner with Shazam— and, more importantly, music by CD Baby artists will soon be discovered using Shazam’s popular music IDing app.

[Important note: CD Baby delivers music to Shazam’s database on a daily basis; but as this partnership is still fairly new, it will take some time for them to ingest our entire catalog. If you can’t ID your music on Shazam yet, you should be able to soon. Thanks for your patience.]

You know Shazam, right? It’s a magical mobile app available for iPhones, iPads, Droids, etc.

How Shazam works: if you’re curious about a song that’s playing on the radio or on someone’s stereo (in a bar, cafe, restaurant, car, etc.),  you just hold your phone or tablet up to the music source and Shazam will automatically tell you the name of the artist, song, and album — plus give you a direct link to purchase the track from stores  like iTunes and Amazon. Shazam drove over $300 million in iTunes and Amazon sales last year!

CD Baby artists can now be Shazam’d

Shazam’s audio recognition technology revolutionized the music discovery process, and we’re psyched that CD Baby artists will now be included in Shazam’s database, greatly increasing the chances that their music will be discovered, shared, and purchased. With Shazam, a new fan is only a couple taps away.

Artists who’ve set their digital distribution level to “traditional” or higher will automatically have their music delivered to Shazam.

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  • Jim of VividPeace

    Now this is GREAT news! As a listener, I love knowing to whom I am listening. As a musician, I truly like the idea of being heard!

  • Kevin de Harde

    Ok, so this is obviously available for new releases (had to go to the FAQ, link didn’t work). Will existing releases also be added to shazam somewhere along the way?

  • Catherine Maguire

    Guys I’m going round in circles trying to find more info on how to get Shazam’d, I keep ending back at the front page with the same link.

  • Saeed Najafi

    Do we (as CD Baby artists) have to do something or Shazam will recognize our music from now on?

  • As long as you are opted into digital distribution, you will be delivered to Shazam. You should be able to see if you are delivered yet in your account. It may take a while for Shazam to ingest our whole catalog.

    • RexStrother

      Approximately how long is “a while”? It’s 4 months since this post and none of my albums / singles has been distributed to Shazam. So that “…you should be able to soon” in the article isn’t feeling timely. I think of soon as 60 days, max.

  • Sorry for the goof. The new page is not live yet.

    As long as you are opted into digital distribution, you will be delivered to Shazam. You should be able to see if you are delivered yet in your account. It may take a while for Shazam to ingest our whole catalog.

  • As long as you are opted into digital distribution, you will be delivered to Shazam. You should be able to see if you are delivered yet in your account. It may take a while for Shazam to ingest our whole catalog. We appreciate your patience.

  • Linda Vee Sado

    Story of my life. The site has me mixed up with another artist and shows their band photo on my song

    • Def you should complain. That is something that must be fixed!

    • Garvin Dean

      Me too- I just tried Shazam'n one of my tunes that's been on CD Baby for a while and it comes back as entirely different artist and tune.


      lol, that sux

  • Thank you!

  • Would love if you added soundhound.

  • Thank you cdbaby. this is a great service not to require us to publish a cd to send it to shazam. I can't wait to show up.

  • Thank You CDBABY Staff Love this Idea.
    heard about it a few or more years ago,but
    better late than never .Really excited, Great Job!!!!!!

    walter goulet

  • this is really a terrific idea. I looooouuuuuv cdbaby. Sweet Caroline. "skye"

  • Gerard Jerry Garramo

    Shazam sounds great but i think the only way i am going to sell music is to pay the national raido stations about 8.000 a week to get any sales then i better have CD's ready for distribution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Howard Seibel

    Howard Seibel here.Since you people told me about "Color Blind" has been played like 1,417 times to date all around the world.Thank you so much.It's such a kick to see my music go out to to so many people. Yeah Shazam sounds great.

  • We just started delivering our catalog recently, so it might take a while for them to get everything up and running.


  • We recently started delivering our catalog to them, so it might take them a while to ingest and activate.


  • Sadly, no. They don't provide any reporting.


  • Thanks, y'all.


  • Anyone that has set their CD Baby digital distribution level at "traditional" or higher will be included in our deliveries to Shazam (unless you specifically opt out). Those deliveries just started recently, so it will take a while for the whole catalog to be ingested and activated in Shazam's database. If you've set your level to "everything that pays" then you're definitely included for Shazam.


  • We just recently started delivering tracks to them, so it'll take a while for the whole catalog to be ingested and activated in Shazam's catalog.


  • iAmJasonPaul

    That’s awesome! When does this take effect? I just tried it but my song didn’t show up

  • iAmJasonPaul

    A more pertinent question…when this takes effects will CD Baby provide metrics so you can see how often your music was Shazamed?

  • wesleyisme

    What if our CD isnt music (comedy in my case). Still shazaamable?

  • It didnt work for me either. Shazam did not recognize our song.

  • Pentwater

    CDBABY: Please be a bit more specific! HOW can an artist account tell if Shazam is enabled? “You should be able to tell” is not an answer. We have chosen “all distributors that pay” under digital distributors… and checked the Shazam opt-in box, but does that mean Shazam is not included because they don’t pay?
    You must have realized that thousands of artists would have these questions when you partnered with Shazam. Why aren’t you ready with the answers? How about being a little more proactive?!
    – Ron

  • awesome, things like this make me happy to be a part of the cdbaby family!

  • Jimmy C Russell

    So how long would you have to be with CDBABY for this to really take effect? I am not talking about a new artist that is joining the CDBABY family but I have been with you guys since 2007 and I want to get my music on their. Congrats on getting more visibility for CDBABY Artist………….

  • My band is not listed with Shazam . . . What gives?

  • Out of Ether

    Two quick questions- We have 3 albums on CD Baby (Been very happy with your service) Because of this post I just checked to see if our music had been delivered to Shazam- (At this point it has not)

    Currently one of our songs is already recognized by and in the Shazam database- The song received considerable airplay nationally last year- So will we be in the Shazam database twice after delivery?

    Second, as I examined the digital delivery history of our releases- some where delivered to certain partners and others where not. Our older album has been sent to various new digital partners whereas our newer release have not- Is there any consistency on which albums make it to various or new digital partners or is it just a matter of chance? (For the record- delivery to iTunes and Amazon flawless and amazingly fast!)

    James Russell
    Out of Ether

  • An Aggrovator

    am i being thick, but it says only a couple of taps away..but where do i tap?

  • why my cd is not at google play?

  • Great news! It never even occurred to me that my music should be on Shazam but now that you mention it, it’s nice to know it will be 🙂

    ~ DC

  • CD Baby—–always doing great things for us.

  • Send an email to and we can look into it.


  • Once you've download the Shazam app, you tap right on the big black Shazam circle displayed on your phone.


  • We just started delivering music to them recently, so it could take a while. Check back in a few weeks.


  • Hey James,

    Send an email with these questions to and we can look into it for you.

  • TJR

    Thanks CD Baby for another great service. Those of you who can’t understand why your music wasn’t on Shazam the moment you got done reasing the article need to chill out a bit.

  • This is HUGE news! Congrats CD Baby on this partnership.

  • We're delivering all genres. So spoken word/comedy is included.


  • Thank you so much for this Shazam service and for the site. I signed-up and within 20 minutes, my songs were being heard all over the world. Keep up the great work!

  • We keep telling everyone to check us out (Paradyme Void) with Shazam but it still doesn’t work for us. Do you know when your sync with Shazam will be completed?

  • We just recently started making deliveries, so it could take quite some time for our entire catalog to be uploaded to their database.

  • disqus_nEyam35cTq

    It's been almost a full month since this post and my music is still not recognized by Shazam. Is it still ingesting?

  • Yes. We're sending them music every week. It's just gonna take some time for the whole catalog to be ingested.


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  • Same here…tried tagging my music and it brought someone else's info up

  • Bobbolu

    it’s now June 4th. How do I check at if my CDs are listed with Shazam? Thanks.

  • Ajay

    Hi, my latest album is on Shazam but not the earlier one. Why the delay?

  • You'll see on the delivery history page in your CD Baby member account the date when we sent your music to Shazam (if we've sent it yet). But it will take Shazam some time to fully ingest and activate the entire CD Baby catalog.


    • Bobbolu

      thanks Chris, but where exactly will I see this? I’m in my Dashboard now, and have no clue. Please be more specific as to what tab or category this will be under. Regards, Robin

  • When you're in your dashboard, click the "edit" button for a particular album/single. Then on the album dashboard, you'll see a "Digital Distribution" category. The bottom-most link there will show your "digital delivery history." Click that, or you should be able to find it here:—&nbsp ;


  • Hey Rex,

    We delivered your music to Shazam in March (except for one album that hadn't been sent yet — so we got that on the list of albums that will get delivered today). Are you sure your music isn't identifiable in their database yet?


    • RexStrother

      Chris – Are you sure? I have 40+ releases and the first 20+ I checked have not shown up in my Digital Distro tab as delivered to “Shazam” at all.

  • Looks like you have several CD Baby accounts. The one we checked had 7 albums, and 6 had been sent in March. One was sent yesterday. But to check the status of all your albums, send an email or call us at 1-800-Buy-My-CD and we can look into it.


    • RexStrother

      Is see the confusion. I consider it a single account, since I access it from a single account Dashboard. But I have several artists (and a various artist series) represented in that account and most of those had not been delivered to Shazam yet. But you’re right 6 or 7 of the 60 releases had been delivered; I just hadn’t seen them yet – my impression was from the rest not showing up.

  • Aha. I'll send a note to our artist support team and tell them to deliver everything as soon as they can.


    • RexStrother

      Bless you.

    • Andre Costello

      Dude! My stuff isn’t on there either. I’ve been waiting all summer. Whats going on?

  • James Aardahl

    It’s been about 6 months and my tracks for Satori Posse “In the Water” are not recognizable through Shazam. We have opted in for digital distribution. Any pointers?

  • Hey James,

    Our Shazam deliveries have not been as quick as, say, our iTunes deliveries — since they're a new partner, and we're sending them the whole catalog. But your album is at the top of the list for our next batch of deliveries. Should be in Shazam's hands soon. Then it's just up to their schedule for adding it to the database.


  • Also, sorry for the delay.


  • Jackson Rice

    I just tried my latest CD '59 It Speaks for Itself" and it works. Only my older title does not.
    Thanks for checking on this.

  • Jackson Rice

    None of my music posted with CD Baby works. I’ve had distribution with my first title since Dec 2011. My second album since Aug 2013. I tried every song. Nothing work. Hmm.

  • Ok. The easiest way to get this taken care of would be to send an email with the titles of all your albums that have not yet been delivered to Shazam (you can see delivery histories in your members account), and ask that the remaining titles be prioritized for Shazam delivery.


  • Write to with your artist/album info and we can look into it for you.