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Mobile phones at shows: A promotional boost for you or a grand distraction?

August 29, 2014{ No Comments }

Screen shot 2014 02 24 at 7.56.49 AM 1 650x218 Mobile phones at shows: A promotional boost for you or a grand distraction?Perennial copyright curmudgeon Don Henley recently told the Daily Telegraph that “videoing a concert with a phone is a violation (of The Eagles’ rights).”

“It spoils it for people who are going to come to a show in the future,” he said. “We’d like for them to experience it for the first time in the audience rather than experience it on a crappy video that sounds horrible.”

As far as I’m concerned, if you have to sell a kidney in order to afford a ticket to an Eagles concert, you deserve to be able to shoot a little video to prove that you were there. Furthermore, I’m not sure that a crappy YouTube video qualifies as an “experience” for the diehard Eagles fan. They’re still going to want to go to the show.

But matters of copyright aside, what’s happening at concerts today when so many attendees are holding up their smartphones to snap pictures, shoot videos, or tweet about the show? Read more »

4 royalties you’re probably missing (even if you’re registered with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC)

August 25, 2014{ No Comments }

iStock 000011108083XSmall 4 royalties youre probably missing (even if youre registered with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC)If you’ve affiliated yourself as a songwriter with a performing rights organization (such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) and registered all your songs, you’ve taken an important first step in collecting the publishing royalties you’re owed.

That being said, PROs such as ASCAP and BMI only collect one form of music publishing revenues: the performance royalty.

In order to collect ALL of the royalties you’re owed, you either need to have a publishing rights administrator working on your behalf, or spend hundreds to thousands of hours each year tracking down this money yourself (in every corner of the globe); oh, and you’ll also need to speak dozens of languages and be absolutely psyched about paperwork.

In case my sarcasm went undetected, I’ll repeat it plainly: it’s nearly impossible for independent artists to collect all the music publishing revenue they’re owed — while also having time to make music — without the help of a traditional publisher or a service like CD Baby Pro.

If you’re only signed up with a performing rights organization such as ASCAP or BMI, here’s what you’re missing:

Read more »

8 pro tips from accomplished musicians

August 21, 2014{ No Comments }

… and now you know.  Read more »

How to make more money from your music

August 20, 2014{ No Comments }

2013 650x464 How to make more money from your musicModern music revenue: don’t bet on one stream!

Digital Music News recently posted a slideshow of charts showing the shift in music industry revenues over the last 30 years.

It’s interesting to watch the rise and decline in the popularity of certain formats (vinyl, cassettes, CDs, downloads, etc.), but obviously most relevant to a discussion about today’s music economy is the pie chart for 2013. Take a look: it proves that artists must… diversify.

No matter what your bread-and-butter may’ve been a few years ago (CD sales, downloads, live concert fees, etc.), you shouldn’t rely on any one revenue stream to carry you along these days. The landscape changes rapidly. There are more ways than ever before for fans to engage with your music, and more ways for you to earn money from the usage of that music.  Read more »

How one indie artist is paying her rent with YouTube money

August 18, 2014{ 1 Comment }

Screen shot 2014 08 18 at 12.47.02 PM 1 How one indie artist is paying her rent with YouTube moneyShannon Hurley thought she might make a little money when she opted in for CD Baby’s free Sync program a while back – she’s active on YouTube and has built an engaged fanbase through her years of writing and performing.

But when the payments started showing up in her account, she was taken aback by the amounts she was earning, all from simply clicking a button to opt in. “It was like found money,” she said.

Hurley is a full-time musician, and gaining access to this revenue stream without any hassles or red tape is ideal for an artist in her situation: 

“This allows me, as an indie artist, to easily license my music directly but still have complete control. I never imagined in a 1,000 years that it would be enough money to pay rent! And that’s always the goal: allowing artists to keep creating music.” Read more »

Vote for our proposed SXSW panels

August 18, 2014{ No Comments }

Screen shot 2014 08 18 at 9.48.48 AM 1 Vote for our proposed SXSW panelsIt’s that time of year again – SXSW panel picker time! And even though Austin’s premier music conference is still more than six months away, now is the time for YOU to decide which workshops and panels will take place during the event.

CD Baby has four panels up for consideration this year, and we’d love your votes and comments.

If you like what you see below, please give the panel a “thumbs up” and if you’re feeling really generous, leave a comment explaining why you’d be interested in the proposed panel (comments are even more valuable than votes).

To get started, you’ll have to create an account, but it only takes a few seconds. The polls are open!

CD Baby’s proposed panels for SXSW 2015

Indie Revenue Stream Breaking Through: Real Data —

Self Releasing for Success —

How to Live Your Dream Without a Support System –

Micro-Licensing: The Fast Growing Future of Sync – Read more »

10 ways to promote your music with CD Baby’s Music Player

August 18, 2014{ No Comments }

Screen shot 2014 08 18 at 7.44.29 AM 1 10 ways to promote your music with CD Babys Music PlayerLast week we were really excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Music Player.

It’s simple, customizable, embeddable, quite lovable, and comes in four different styles and sizes, from an itty-bitty music player that’s perfect for blog or website sidebars all the way up to a full-paged music store (so your fans can buy your downloads, CDs, and vinyl without having to hunt around online).

And unlike lots of other music players, you can create unlimited players using any combination of the songs in your CD Baby account, so it’s an extremely powerful music promotion tool.

Oh yeah, it’s also FREE for all CD Baby artists.

Here are just some of the ways you can promote, share, and sell your music with CD Baby’s Music Player

1. Create interesting playlists that your fans can share, such as:

* greatest hits (or the songs which you’re most proud of)

* moods (summer songs, exercise, quiet tunes for studying, etc.)

* set lists from every show (published as blog posts)

* audience favorites (ask your fans to help you make the ultimate playlist) Read more »

Funny cover art for misheard album titles

August 15, 2014{ No Comments }

Presents 650x650 Funny cover art for misheard album titlesI’m sure you’ve had one of those moments when you’re singing along to a song and someone says, “that’s not the right lyric!”

The standard examples are things like there’s a bathroom on the right, or ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy.

But my wife once heard a friend’s mom, who was vacuuming with headphones on, sing (to the melody of “Pour Some Sugar on Me”) the words “awesome superpower.”

Can you hear it? Awe-some Super-poww-werrrrr! 

Ok, actually, I can’t hear it. I don’t know what that woman was thinking.

Anyway, the same funny phenomenon can happen with album titles. You mishear something once and that incorrect title sticks in your mind forever. Well, now we’ve got the artwork to go along with some classic, incorrectly-heard album titles. Check out these funny record covers from the Shutterstock Blog of misheard album titles.

What albums, song titles, or lyrics have you gotten wrong? Who corrected you? Read more »

Sell your merch on Spotify with BandPage

August 13, 2014{ 1 Comment }

With the help of BandPage, a company that enables over 500,000 artists to create central online profiles for their music, you can now easily sell your band merch and “experiences” on Spotify.

You’re probably asking, “What’s an experience?”

Well, it’s anything your fans will love (and would be willing to pay for), as long as it’s legal. So the more creative and personal, the better.

That’s right. Whether you want to sell traditional merch items like band posters, t-shirts, and vinyl records, or memorable experiences such as private online concerts, backstage access to gigs, or guided-tours of your recording studio, BandPage will help you get the word out to your fans by displaying those offers on your Spotify artist page. Read more »

CD Baby featured in The New York Times

August 13, 2014{ No Comments }

13CDBABY1 master675 CD Baby featured in The New York TimesHey, look at THAT. We’re in The New York Times! 

What a nice thing to wake up to on a Wednesday morning.

Larry Rohter’s story about CD Baby and the independent artists we serve appears in the music section of today’s print edition, but you can also check it out HERE online.

Larry covers it all: our history, our future, our headquarters, our mission, the many ways we help people make money from their music, the diversity of the music we distribute, and —most importantly — the stories of our artists.

[Photo by Leah Nash for The New York Times.] Read more »