In the music and career of Mexican artist Peso Pluma, “old & new walk hand-in-hand.”

That’s how Erika Parr (CD Baby’s International Content Marketing Manager) describes it in the THE WORLD, an ongoing segment from our podcast that brings lessons from non-English-language music scenes to the DIY Musician community.

Peso seemingly came out of nowhere. One day he’s working at a restaurant, the next he’s conquered global music charts, late night TV, and Coachella!

But like most “overnight” success stories, there are years of work behind the scenes, dialing in a unique sound, smart branding, building the right team, and much more.

Check out the video above to hear how Peso Pluma:

  • Blended the familiar styles of home (in the form regional Mexican music influences) with a modern, joyous, urban, social-media sensibility
  • Built a team around his music that propelled him towards success
  • Stayed true to himself while reaching a global audience of millions

Peso continues the trend of non-English-language musicians dominating the charts, and we’re going to hear many more of these stories in the coming years. Stay tuned!

Image of Peso Pluma by Ruth Orozco: used according to Creative Commons terms.