Music distributionLots of artists think it’s enough to put a song up on Bandcamp or Soundcloud and call it good. It isn’t. Those platforms can be very useful, but it’s not the same as making your music available worldwide in ALL of the most popular online music destinations.

Here’s 3 reasons why worldwide music distribution matters:

1. Earn money — Give your fans a way to PAY you for your music! Yes, that means downloads and CD sales, of course, but there’s also real money in music streaming if you control the rights to your own songs and recordings.

2. Get discovered — In the Internet age, you never know how, when, or WHERE someone will fall in love with your music. Some people prefer CDs. Some are Spotify subscribers. Some like to download tracks from iTunes. Don’t make your songs HARDER to discover! Be everywhere.

3. Set yourself up for success — Because you never know when your music will take off, it’s best to be ready BEFORE the buzz starts building to capture all the sales and streams you can, confident that your music is everywhere anyone might look for it.

Global music distribution puts you on a solid footing to make big things happen. CD Baby would love to help you sell your music worldwide.

Get started today.

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