Holiday music distribution deadlines for iTunesAre you ready for the holiday boom in music sales? 

20% of all music sales (and 30% of sales on happen in the last 6 weeks of the year.

CDs and vinyl records will be wrapped under the tree. Download cards will be stuffed in stockings. Millions of Apple and Amazon gift cards will be purchased and redeemed. Lots of brand new iPhones and iPads will access streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music for the first time.

We want to make sure that when music sales skyrocket, you’re ready for the ride.

If you’d like your music selling on iTunes and CD Baby in time for the holidays, you’ll need to send it to us SOON!

CD Baby distribution deadlines for the holiday season*:

Launch date Final approval for distribution by…
12/7—12/11 Friday 11/27
12/14—12/31 Friday 12/04
1/4—1/08 Friday 12/11

* Launch dates are for iTunes, Apple Music, and only. We cannot guarantee that all our digital music partners will make your tracks available by this date.