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Podcasts, Pandora, satellite, and internet radio have a powerful reach!

Non-traditional forms of radio (satellite, internet, and podcasts) are growing in popularity every day. Many of the popular music streaming sites like Pandora are even jumping from the internet into people’s mobile devices and cars. The good news is that getting significant play on these new types of radio formats is a far easier task than the commercial campaigns of yesteryear. The trade off is that you will have to do a little more research, as each individual station/program/podcast will have their own submission guidelines. The best part is, they actually want artists to submit their music!

Where do I find podcasts and internet radio?

For podcasts, a good place to start is the podcast section in iTunes, where you’ll find music podcasts of all shapes and sizes featuring just about every genre you can imagine. That will give you more than enough to get started. For internet radio, iTunes can be useful as well. It’s easily overlooked, but there is a Radio link under the Library header in your iTunes navigation menu. Click on that link and you will be taken to a vast catalog of hundreds of internet radio stations, all of which are categorized by genre. Just so there is no confusion, iTunes does not produce the podcasts or internet radio stations that show up in their directory, but merely provide the directory to bring many stations and podcasts together in one place. Locate the shows that are right for your music and then hunt down their submission guidelines on line.

What is Pandora?

With over 50 million users worldwide, Pandora uses the Music Genome Project to delivers customized radio stations to each of it listeners. Once the Pandora system learns the users musical preferences, it serves up a continuous stream of music that should be exactly what the listener likes. For many, this has been the #1 place to discover new bands. Check Pandora’s submission guidelines here –

NoteFor every submission at Pandora, there needs to be a track list tied to your physical CD listing on This is Pandora’s requirement.

While CD Baby has had an ability to do so in the past, I’m sorry to say that currently we do not have a method of formatting CD listings on Amazon to add the track information for your physical CD. Our access to Amazon’s formatting system is limited and it is unclear whether or not we will be able to make these updates in the future.
It is important to understand that CD Baby is not a partner with Pandora, so we are not set up to ensure specific formatting for CD listings on Amazon that will enable submission to Pandora. At this time, the best approach to making your album Pandora-ready on Amazon may be to contact Amazon directly. You might take a look at this link to see about contacting their customer service to see if they might have an alternative solution:
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