Get instant access to Spotify for Artists

Get instant access to your Spotify for Artists account

CD Baby artists now fast-tracked for Spotify artist verification.

We’re excited to announce that CD Baby has partnered with Spotify to make it super easy for our artists to get verified on the world’s #1 streaming platform. As a CD Baby artist, you’ll have instant access to Spotify for Artists, allowing you to take control of your Spotify artist profile in a matter of minutes.

Spotify for Artists is designed for artists and their teams to get the most out of Spotify, giving you tools to:

Get real-time data to help you understand who, where, and how fans are listening to your music

Once you’ve accessed Spotify for Artists, you’ll be able to look at actionable data on your listeners, including:

  • Demographics: find out important information about who’s listening to your music on Spotify, including age and gender, and what device they’re using to access your tunes. Is your ACTUAL audience different from what you imagined? Adjust promotions accordingly!
  • Location: Find out where your fans live so you can route smarter tours and concentrate radio promotion efforts on the right markets.
  • Similar artists: See what other artists your fans are listening to. Maybe this info can help you better target your online ads.
  • Live listeners: Discover how many people are listening to you on Spotify in real-time.
  • Song data: Break it down to the song level to see how your newest track is performing.
  • Playlist data: Find out what impact playlist placements are having on your streams, and give social shout-outs to any playlister who adds your music.
  • Playlist notifications: Get an email any time Spotify adds one of your songs to one of their curated playlists.

Spotify for Artists really offers a great set of tools to help you take your music further on the biggest streaming platform.

To access your Spotify for Artists account today, go HERE.

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