Thank you for helping us reach this major milestone.

To celebrate, we’ve got some special offers for you.

As a CD Baby artist, you’re a part of the new music business. You’re in control of your own career. And if you’re talented and motivated, you can make real money from your music! I see proof of this every single week here at CD Baby.

Over the past 13 years, we’ve made it easy for hundreds of thousands of artists around the world to sell their music without record labels taking a big bite out of their paychecks. And every Monday, CD Baby pays out big money directly to the independent music community.

This November, the amount paid to CD Baby artists surpassed 200 million dollars! That’s a huge milestone, not just for us, but also for independent artists everywhere who’ve chosen to be part of the new music economy.

While we’re completely thrilled to have reached that mark, we’re also aware that the congratulations should really go to you. Within larger artist communities, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that creating, promoting, and selling YOUR music is an act of bravery. Truly. Please stay proud of that achievement! And know that we are incredibly thankful that you’ve allowed CD Baby to play our part in the process.

To celebrate this landmark event, we’re introducing three awesome limited-time offers to make it even easier for you to make success happen on your terms:

200 download cards for $20200 standard download cards for $20
(That’s a savings of $64!) These handy cards come customized with your album artwork and are redeemable on for a full-album MP3 download. You can sell them for whatever price you like and keep ALL the money, or give them away as promotional items! Click here and use coupon code: 200DLCARDS (Exp. 11/23/11). One time redemption limit.


200 nickels or $10 off a full album submission200 nickels (or $10) off a full album submission
Save almost 25% when you sign up your next album with CD Baby, and sell your music on Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more! Click here and use coupon code: 200MILLION. (Exp. 11/23/11)


$200 for 100 CDs in jackets$200 for 100 CDs in jackets
Get professionally duplicated CDs faster and cheaper than ever before. Your discs will have full-color on-disc printing and come in full-color jackets! Click here and use coupon code: 200MILLION. (Exp. 11/23/11)


These offers are only available for the next 200 hours (8.3 days), so don’t delay!

Again, thank you for helping CD Baby reach a major milestone. We always love to hear where your music careers are taking you, so please keep us posted. Feel free to comment in the section below.

Sincerely, thankfully, proudly, and all that other good stuff…,

Brian Felsen
Brian Felsen
Brian Felsen
CD Baby President