Fifteen sessions from the main stage of our 2018 DIY Musician Conference are viewable now.

Didn’t make it to the DIY Musician Conference?

Didn’t catch the livestreams?

No problem: Check out this YouTube playlist where we’ve archived a bunch of sessions that happened on the ballroom stage at the Omni in Nashville, TN.

Take notes. Get inspired. Do the work.

The video playlist above contains a ton of great information, including:

  • How to pay off your house with streaming revenue
  • How to get your music on Spotify playlists
  • The best ways to use YouTube as an artist
  • How to run effective Facebook ads for $1/day
  • How to tour Europe without a booking agent
  • Creating a great show without a band
  • And much more

This is just a tiny portion of the sessions, one-on-one mentoring, jams, and meetups that happen every year at the DIY Musician Conference. We recorded audio for many of those other sessions too, and we plan to share some of that on the DIY Musician Podcast, so stay tuned!

Were you with us in Nashville? What was YOUR favorite moment? Let me know in the comments.