About 7 or 8 years ago one of my “songs” was used in an AMC commercial and it changed the whole way I thought about sync licensing.

I put songs in quotes because the track the producers used was the LAST song I ever thought would be licensed. It’s basically just a bunch of field recordings, feedback, and spoken word nonsense.

Of all the things I’ve labored over for seemingly endless hours, writing and recording, I made this track in about 30 minutes, pretty much as a joke. But apparently it was perfect for the commercial — and so I received a hefty payment, thank you very much, and a good lesson in how sync licensing ain’t always what it seems.

Licensing: how it works, what it is, and which songs are most likely to be synced…  you might be surprised! And yet sync licensing is more important than ever as a revenue stream for independent artists.

Join us at the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference for a sync licensing bootcamp!

If you’ve ever wanted to get your music featured in movies or on TV (or games, or presentations, or online videos, or… ) come to The CD Baby DIY Musician Conference in Chicago this September 30 – October 2. It’s where you can ask questions, get real advice from industry leaders about sync licensing (and anything else!), and leave inspired, with a plan to make things for your music.

Here are just a few of the sessions we’ve got lined up:

  1. The Sync Licensing Pre-Conference Panel — which I’ll be moderating at the Chicago Cultural Center
  2. What it Takes to Get a Sync Placement — with Tanvi Patel
  3. Why Music Publishing Is More Important Than Ever — with Tracy Maddux, Chinua Green, Jennifer Newman Sharpe, and Louis Matteo
  4. Sunday Keynote: The Power of Independent Music in TV and Film — with Alexandra Patsavas

The topics we’ll be covering at the DIY Musician Conference aren’t just about licensing—this is for all independent musicians who want to advance their career, find new revenue, and succeed in the modern music industry — but this weekend will be a great place to take your sync licensing efforts to the next level.

Want to learn more? Check out our speakers and our schedule!

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