CD Baby Weekly PayoutCD Baby’s highest artist payout ever

This week we paid out 3.8 million dollars ($3,821,326 to be exact) to independent musicians around the world. That’s the most CD Baby has ever paid to artists in a single week, and we’re thrilled, of course.

As exciting as this news is, it’s not surprising.

There are now more ways of making money as a CD Baby artist — digital distribution; physical distribution; CD, vinyl, and MP3 sales on; and sync licensing (so you get paid for the usage of your music in film, TV, commercials, games, and on YouTube).

It ain’t advanced economics: with more ways of making money from your music, musicians are making more money. 

License your music for TV, film, video games, YouTube, and more

Have you signed up your music with CD Baby’s Sync Licensing Program? As a CD Baby member, it’s included — so there’s no additional cost beyond the initial submission fee. Click HERE to find out more.

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