Sell Your Music on Facebook

Selling Your Music on Facebook Just Got Easier. 

If you’ve already been using CD Baby’s MusicStore to sell your music on Facebook, you know it’s an ideal way to get your tunes in front of people and make sales on the world’s most popular social network. If you haven’t, now’s a great time to start.

We’ve been in the lab fiddling and tinkering, and it’s safe to say we did more than just slap on a new coat of paint. We kept all the features you love, made ’em look even nicer, and also added new functionality that makes sharing your music even easier.

With CD Baby’s new Music Store for Facebook, you can:


* Sell your MP3s, CDs, and vinyl directly to your fans on Facebook. Set your own price, and set limited discounts.


* Embed YouTube videos in your store.

Artist's Playlist

* Feature full song streaming for your own Artist Mix of your favorite tracks.


* Stream music right on Facebook.


* Reach new fans with integrated sharing functions.


* Upload your own unique banner images and album covers.


Your MusicStore is waiting for you. Ready to get acquainted?

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