… if you’re using CD Baby to distribute your music to streaming services.

We’re excited to announce that CD Baby artists’ music has found a home in Amazon Music Unlimited — Amazon’s new ad-free streaming service — where you’ll be paid every time someone listens to one of your songs. In addition, your music will continue to be considered for Prime Music and its curated playlists.

How does Amazon Music Unlimited differ from competitors like Spotify and Apple Music?

First, price: music on Amazon Music Unlimited — which boasts a catalog of tens of millions of tracks — can be accessed for only $7.99/month by Amazon Prime members ($9.99/month for non-members), and just $3.99/month for owners of Amazon’s Echo (though that’s only good for ONE Echo device at a time).

Second, seamless integration with Echo: the device’s voice-activated assistant Alexa can, of course, queue specific requests by song, artist, album, or playlist, but she can also find the latest song from an artist, serve up songs based on mood, choose music by year or decade, and much more.

Will Alexa find YOUR songs? If your CD Baby distribution settings include streaming, then your catalog is already on Amazon Music Unlimited.

Not yet distributing your music? Let’s get it selling and streaming worldwide today with CD Baby.

How do you think Amazon Music Unlimited will change the streaming landscape? Holler in the comments below.