Add your voice to CD Baby's musician resources

How to become a regular contributor to CD Baby’s educational resources.

No two music careers look the same. There’s no single way to create or promote music. In fact, how you even define “successful” music production and marketing differs based on your genre, your country or region, and the demographics of your audience. Those differences should not only be recognized, but explored. 

As a global community of music-makers, CD Baby represents every genre and demographic. That’s why we’re committed to broadening and diversifying the voices that contribute to CD Baby’s musician resources as well. 

In other words, we want to hear from YOU.

We’re looking for unique success stories that other artists in your genre can learn from and replicate in their own careers. 

For instance, how did you:

  • Use a specific strategy or tool to get onto an important Spotify playlist?
  • Build your email list by an extra 1000 subscribers this month?
  • Grow your Instagram following with weekly live streams?
  • Boost your music earnings during COVID? 
  • Connect with new fans using the Facebook ads platform?
  • Score some high-profile sync placements?
  • Move significant merch without touring?

Become a regular contributor using YOUR preferred medium.

We want you to create content in the format that makes the most sense for you and our community. That could be a written blog post, a long-form video, a series of Instagram Stories, or anything else your creative mind thinks up!

You shouldn’t feel constrained by what other contributors have done, but if it helps to see an example of the kind of thing we’re looking for, check out this article where electronic producer RAVO teaches us how he got his debut album onto the Billboard Charts by adapting the strategy offered the previous year on our DIY Musician Blog by hip-hop artist Call Me Ace.

Also, if you have good advice to share, our goal would be for you to become a familiar face and frequent mentor for CD Baby artists, not just a one-off guest.

If you have tips, advice, or an educational story other artists would benefit from, we’d love to hear!

Learn more about this program and submit HERE.

IMPORTANT: We read everything we receive but will only reach out if we are interested.

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to CD Baby!