There’s 2 bits of exciting Podcast news at CD Baby:

1. The DIY Musician Podcast recently broadcasted the milestone 100th episode, and it was a huge event! With streamers, party favors, and even champagne, Kevin, Chris, and The Bolt used the special occasion to actually broadcast the episode live through UStream as they recorded.  You can watch the video of that broadcast here: – Warning – it’s TONS of fun!  The regular edited MP3 version of the 100th episode will be coming down the podcast feed just like normal.  Thanks to all who have listened and supported the show over the past 3 years!  You can check out the DIY Musician Podcast HERE.

2. The collective podcasting efforts at CD Baby has crossed the 1 million download mark! That’s right, between the 9 different podcasts that we do (DIY Musician, Music Discovery, Folk, Indie Pop, Rockabilly, Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Top Sellers), there’s been over 1,000,000 downloads of our podcasts. We couldn’t be happier, and have great hopes for the future.

If you haven’t yet checked out our podcasts, there’s something for everyone, check one out today!  Music podcast are HERE.  DIY Musician Podcast is HERE, and of course they can all be found in the iTunes podcast directory HERE.