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Ok. Maybe the Soylent Green reference doesn’t really make sense in this context, but I just wanted to say “it’s people, it’s PEOPLE!”

Here’s the point: as proud as we are of all the things CD Baby offers (digital and physical music distribution, sync licensing and YouTube monetization, publishing royalty collection, and  more), if you were to ask me what REALLY sets us apart from other online music services, or online services in general, I’d say it’s the fact that a team of amazing people — most of whom are musicians themselves — are happy to pick up the phone and help you along in your musical journey.

It’s a simple recipe: actual awesome humans answering calls and emails. It’s PEOPLE! (And some of them of shown in the video above). If you ever have questions about CD Baby or your music distribution, always feel welcome to call 1-800-Buy-My-CD or write to cdbaby@cdbaby.com.

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