Our aim is to help you get your music out to as many potential fans as possible, so we’re thrilled to announce that CD Baby has partnered with MySpace Music (www.myspace.com/music), one of the most popular sites in the world for music discovery and fan interaction. CD Baby artists who have set their digital distribution option set to “Everything that Pays” will soon be available in the MySpace Music catalog for on-demand streaming and user playlist sharing at myspace.com/music. MySpace Music is now beginning implementation, but it will be a gradual process and may take time before their site is fully populated with all our artists’ content. Also, MySpace Music will link to your available songs on iTunes and Amazon MP3 for a-la-carte download sales. Please note: This partnership will not affect MySpace artist/band profiles or music players. You still maintain complete control over the content that appears on your MySpace page.

How much will you get paid? Streams on MySpace Music are ads supported, so revenue to artists will be paid out based on the ad revenue and total of plays received.

To check your digital distribution level for your album, just log in to your CD Baby member account here.