Big 2018 for CD Baby community; artists earn more than $100,000,000

The power of independent music keeps growing. Are you set up for the year ahead?

2018 was huge for the CD Baby community. The clients we serve — indie artists who put a lot of heart and hard work into their music — earned well over $100million.

ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! That’s a ton of money, but we’re expecting to pay out even more for the coming year as we open up new opportunities and expand existing ways of “monetizing” music.


CD Baby’s commitment to putting YOUR money in YOUR pocket

It’s fun to get paid, right? That’s why we’ve made it our serious business; for TWENTY YEARS we’ve paid artists every single week without fail, no matter what.

As soon as we collect money on your behalf it goes straight into your account. No funny business. No delays. No sitting on royalties for months at a time. When we collect revenue from our digital partners, publishing societies, and other sources, we take very seriously that it’s YOUR money.

That’s why so many artists around the world have trusted CD Baby as their solution for full music monetization, including:

How to set your music up for full monetization

Existing CD Baby client?

Social video monetization and sync licensing are already included with your distribution.


With CD Baby Pro Publishing, we’ll help you collect all your publishing royalties worldwide.


Not yet distributing with CD Baby?

With CD Baby you’ll be set up to collect all your music revenue streams.


Even as earnings grow, there’s still much work to be done.

Despite an impressive 2018 and a huge payout to independent artists, many musicians around the world are still “under-monetized.”

Put more simply: they’re not set up to collect all the money owed for the usage of their music.

The good news is it’s an easy problem to fix. CD Baby includes almost all our monetization services with our Standard Distribution, at no extra cost.

So if you’re already using us to get your music out there, it’s a matter of checking a few boxes; simple as that. Be sure you’ve opted in for YouTube monetization, Facebook/Instagram video monetization, and sync licensing!

If you create original music, you should also sign up for (or upgrade to) CD Baby Pro Publishing — because no song should go unpublished. That’s YOUR money!

Just imagine what our indie community can earn in 2019 if every artist’s music is fully-monetized.