CD Baby was rewarded by Apple with preferred plus partner status as a distributor

We’re proud that Apple has chosen CD Baby as one of only three “Preferred Plus” distribution partners.

Apple recently announced CD Baby was one of only three music distributors that qualified for its Apple-Preferred Distribution Program.

IN RELATED NEWS, CD Baby is also one of ONLY TWO distribution services that have preferred status with both Apple AND Spotify.

What does “Preferred Plus” mean for you as an artist?

If you’re a CD Baby client, we can now exclusively offer you:

  • support for advanced Apple Music and iTunes customer features
  • advanced Apple Music and iTunes analytics
  • early access to Apple Music and iTunes product features
  • early access to Apple Music and iTunes  Sales and Trends features

The power of good metadata management

As HypeBot explains:

Apple Music, Spotify and other music services have become more sensitive to the quality of metadata attached to each track upload after being hit with multiple licensing lawsuits.

Since the launch of iTunes (and before) CD Baby has been collecting robust metadata from the artists we distribute, and that helps us ensure the music we deliver to our partners has a low “rejection rate” due to copyright issues, publishing discrepancies, or missing info.

It probably doesn’t sound very sexy, but making sure our clients’ data is complete and correct has been a huge focus for us because it:

  1. limits the risk to our streaming and download partners
  2. helps assure that you are paid properly and promptly
  3. provides music services and databases with key information about your music that can increase searchability and discovery

I realize at face-value this might seem like industry-insider news, but it will open up new possibilities for the artists we serve, and that’s why we’re most excited.

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