An Apple patent was approved recently for technology that could one day prevent you from snapping a photo or video on your smartphone when you’re at a concert.

According to an article on Pitchfork:

… the technology allows a camera to detect not just visible light, but also infrared data. In some cases, the device could use the infrared data to show a user information related to a nearby object, such as an exhibit in a museum. In other cases, the device could use the infrared data to disable the device’s recording functions. As an example, the patent includes an illustration of a band performing onstage as a camera screen shows the text “RECORDING DISABLED.”

But here’s what I’m wondering: does anyone (including famous artists and major labels) still care about protecting their copyrights in such a way? Last I heard, lots of pop megastars were incentivizing their fans to capture and share MORE video/photos from shows.

What do you think?

Are smartphones at concerts a potential threat to artists’ copyrights? Would you be pissed if your phone suddenly couldn’t take a picture while you’re watching your favorite band? Or do you think Apple will use this technology in a totally different way, and we’re barking up the wrong tree?

Let me know in the comments below.