Santa Skate VinylWe’re right in the middle of Fall, which means the frenzy of the holiday shopping season is almost upon us! Over 100,000 customers visit each day and in the next few months they won’t just be looking for music for themselves. How can you best position yourself to make sure your music ends up on someone’s gift list? We’ll be posting tips and holiday promotions ideas throughout the season (many are proven ideas straight from our artists community), so be sure to check back often!

To start things off, we have a tip from CD Baby artist Adriana Róze from The Endless

“Every year for the last seven years we have released a Holiday Single consisting usually of two new tracks exclusively for our fans who have bought our CDs on our CDBaby mailing list. The songs have ranged from holiday music to previews of the upcoming albums to silly songs we just felt like covering. We used to send a physical CD but in recent years have switched to an online download that includes a video of us saying hello to our fans. It’s great and people now really look forward to it and ask for it in advance! I think it builds a nice relationship with our fans and is a way of thanking them for supporting us.”

Have a holiday promo idea that has worked well for you? Please share in the comments below!