When asked, most musicians say, “We don’t sound like anyone.” Or when asked what kind of music they play, say, “You can’t describe it. Just check it out.”

That’s a lazy, inconsiderate, stupid mistake.

Think of it from the other person’s point of view: Imagine you saw someone with a business card that said, “President – Some Company, Inc.” You say, “What kind of business do you do?” – and they say, “Oh, I don’t know. It’s not like anything. I can’t describe it. You’ll just have to check it out! We’re about 20 minutes down that road, and we’re only open next Thursday from 11 to 12 at night.”

Would you really get in your car and spend a Thursday night to check it out, if they couldn’t even tell you WHY you should? No!

You have to convince people! Grab their curiosity. Describe what you actually do, in an interesting way.

Make the wheels in their head turn. Make them taste it, hear it, see it, want it.

Anyone who asks what kind of music you do is giving you a chance to impress them. Take the opportunity.