We’ve all been there, that bone-chilling moment when you’re on the brink of madness, minutes away from taking all your musical equipment to the pawnshop and trading in your creative aspirations for the anesthetized comforts of a humdrum cookie-cutter lifestyle. Ahhhhhhhhh! (cue distant woman’s shrill scream)

In preparation for Halloween, let’s all pull up a chair around this virtual fire and share our scary stories. Bad band breakup? Missing master tapes? Van broken down in the desert? Bloody vocal chords? Drummer spontaneously combusting onstage? Whatever the horrifying event was, it must’ve left a mark. Tell us about the terror. Brag about your battle scars. Give us the moral to the story so we can learn from your mistakes.

Feel free to frighten us in the comments section below.

-Chris R. at CD Baby