We are working closely with iTunes to ensure that Ping artist profiles are created for our artists as quickly as possible. As a result of recent improvements in the process, what used to take 1-2 months can now take 1-2 weeks! And with continued developments, we expect this wait-time to get even shorter.

CD Baby & iTunes are helping new artists setup artist profiles for Ping every day and just need some additional info from you to get started (see below). As you may expect, artist profiles for all artists (indie included) are in high demand. We remain in close contact with iTunes, who are busily working to setup profiles for all of the millions of artists selling in their store.

If you’d like create an artist profile on Ping, please send an email to ping@cdbaby.com with answers to the questions below . We will then send it to iTunes who will reach out to you as quickly as able with instructions on how to setup your artist profile. Please know that it may take several weeks for you to receive your artist profile information, but as mentioned, iTunes is working as fast as they can to help you activate an artist profile on Ping.  We are submitting requests to iTunes in the order they are received.

Info we need:

  1. Username for CD Baby Account:
  2. Physical Address on File for CD Baby Account:
  3. Artist Link* (right-click your artist name on iTunes and “copy link”):
  4. Artist Name:
  5. Artist Email (if approved, this is where invite link will be sent):
  6. Artist Phone Number (optional):
  7. Management Name (optional, and can be another member of band/group):
  8. Management Email (optional, and can be another member of band/group):
  9. Does this artist have any other known aliases/names? If yes, list them here:
  10. Are you aware of any other labels or content providers for this artist on iTunes? If yes, list them all here:

*It is important that you locate this artist in the iTunes store and right-click on the artist name; do not right-click on an album title by this artist (see image below). Once you’ve selected “copy link”, paste the entire URL in your email to us.

Also, click HERE to download a free, instructional PDF from iTunes about the best way to create your artist profile on Ping once they’ve emailed you the login information.