Famed electronica artist and everybody’s favorite vegan Moby recently announced that he would allow independent and non-profit filmmakers to use some of his music in their work for free, so long as the project is being created for non-commercial purposes. Interested filmmakers can log into a special section of Moby’s website to access the music. (http://www.mobygratis.com/film-music.html)

This is another great example of how artists can benefit from re-evaluating the way in which their work is typically defined, monetized, and tightly controlled. By removing some of the customary restrictions to the use of his music, Moby has not only accrued good-will points to ride the Karmic wheel in the sky, but also created a scenario in which his name will be attached to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of independent films, videos, and documentaries. Whatever potential money he may have earned in licensing fees pales in comparison to the amount of attention he’ll receive from such a broad gesture of generosity.

And if someone wants to use the same music FOR commercial purposes, he has set up an easy way to license the usage with all proceeds going to the Humane Society.

We’d love to hear from any artists who have seen results from granting free access to music, movies, videos, merch, or concerts. Please feel free to comment below.