I prefer to ignore the music industry. Maybe that’s why you don’t see me on the cover of Rolling Stone.

One of my only regrets about my own band was that we toured and got great reviews, toured and got lots of airplay, toured and booked some great-paying gigs. BUT… nobody was working the inside of the music business.

Nobody was connecting with the “gatekeepers” to bring us to the next level. We just kept doing the same gigs.

Maybe you’re happy on the outside of the biz. (I know I am.)

But if you want to tour with major-label artists, be on the cover of national magazines, be in good rotation on the biggest radio stations in town, or get onto MTV, you’re going to have to have someone working the inside of the biz.

Someone who loves it. Someone who is loved by it. Someone persuasive who gets things done 10 times faster than you ever could. Someone who’s excited enough about it, that they would never be discouraged.

Like your love of making music. You wouldn’t just “stop” making music because you didn’t get a record deal would you? Then you need to find someone who’s equally passionate about the business side of music, and particularly the business side of YOUR music.

It IS possible. There are lots of people in this world.