With NewsCorp trying to sell MySpace for a pittance and Facebook looking at dramatic drop-off rates for American users, Google is poised to enter (or re-enter) the Social Media game at just the right time. Google+ mimics much of the best stuff about Facebook, but one key difference that will make this new platform a great tool for music promotion is the “circles” designations.

Basically, you can put your friends into different categories and communicate with each of them separately. For most users, circles would probably include “family,” “close friends,” “acquaintances,” “work associates,” etc. But for musicians, this function could have some added benefits if account holders are allowed to create circles for in-town fans, fellow musicians, booking contacts, studio owners, journalists and bloggers, etc.

Right now, Google+ is available by invite only, but soon we’ll see how useful a promotional tool it really is. Fingers crossed!

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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