If you want any level of success beyond the admiration of friends and family, you have to get used to the idea of dealing with great numbers of people.

One good review means almost nothing. Getting airplay on one radio station is not enough.

You need to stay in close touch with hundreds, and soon, thousands of people. Whether fans, music biz, or the endless characters you’re going to encounter around the world on your way to the top, you’re going to need to keep track of them all.

You’re going to need a database. A “contact manager”. A fancy term for an address book. An amazing tool with endless memory to help our artistic, creative, musical brains which are often lost in space and notoriously flaky.

It takes a discipline and orderliness you may not be used to, but comes in SO handy when you need to contact that graphic designer who introduced himself to you once after a gig in St. Louis a year and a half ago. Or to be able, in 5 seconds, to find the 6 drummers you know in Southern California.