We know your time is limited, especially around the holidays. So CD Baby has prepared a checklist for indie artists to ensure you’re getting maximum returns from your promotional efforts this season.

How can you make your album the perfect stocking stuffer?

What steps do you need to take in order to get your music in front of the mad, teeming rush of holiday shoppers?

CD Baby’s FREE Holiday Planning Guide will help you kick-start your holiday promo campaign with some inspiration and a few suggestions on how to sell more, engage in unique interaction with fans, and make a lasting connection with your audience.

Our Holiday Guide includes tips on:
Getting Ready for the Holidays in one week — a 10-step guide for musicians who are serious about putting time and effort into their promotional campaign.
Getting ready in a couple hours — quick and easy tips on how to spruce up your online presence in no time.
Artist Tips — successful CD Baby artists offer suggestions based on their own previously successful holiday sales campaigns.

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Tip #1 Make sure people can buy your music!
Want your music to be available for sale online in time for this Holiday season? Make sure all your music is submitted for distribution as soon as possible! So register your music now! Don’t be a too-late-turkey!
Sign Your Music Up for Distribution Now!