You may have heard of “D.I.Y.” which stands for “Do It Yourself”.

I think many musicians have accidentally interpreted this as “Do It ALL Yourself”.

Instead, I suggest you think of D.I.Y. as “Decide It Yourself”.

You should NOT be the only one making your website, engineering your recordings, designing your artwork, promoting your shows, booking the gigs, and all that other stuff. Trying to do it ALL yourself will be a disaster once you have anything happening.

Instead, just be the one in control, making the decisions, but find people to help you. Find someone who gets excited about making your website. Find someone who gets excited about engineering your recordings. Someone who loves designing artwork. Someone who’s great at promoting shows.

Yes, it’s hard to find these people. But it’s harder to watch your career crawl instead of run, because you’re trying to do it all yourself.