The Spinto Band have a pretty huge video presence. Their YouTube channel features everything from professionally animated music video projects to quick, behind-the-scenes glimpses into their latest recordings. It’s clear that these guys put a ton of effort into creating fun videos that are worth sharing.

Remember: not all your videos have to feature your music!

The Spinto Band’s most recent video serves as a good reminder: sometimes you’ll get more promotion mileage out of a video that has very little to do with your music. Check out the video above which playfully riffs on the recent “Shit ______s Say” video fad.

Ever been to SXSW? Or heard the highlights and horror stories from friends who’ve attended? If so, you’ll probably find this new Spinto Band video charming; these guys GET IT! The folly; the madness; the bustle; the craze.

And yet– they’re attending SXSW all the same. Furthermore, you’re invited to their showcases! Kinda makes me want to go check them out.

The point is, sometimes it takes a little something MORE than the music to get us interested IN the music. After laughing along with this new Spinto Band video, I went and watched their actual music videos, and enjoyed their indie-pop tunes. They made a new fan by first making me laugh.

Are there topics or events you could be capturing in an entertaining way on video? Are they tangentially connected to your music? If so, you might be able to earn some new fans by coming at potential-listeners sideways.

If you’ve already tried this approach, how did it go? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section below (feel free to leave YouTube links.)

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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