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I remember announcing to all my friends one day that I was moving to Nashville, TN to follow my songwriting dream. It never occurred to me that it might sound crazy to all of them. In fact it sounded so crazy that they staged a small intervention laying out very rational points:

  1. I had a good job already that I should be thankful for.
  1. No one in Nashville knew any of my songs or had plans to record them.
  1. All my friends were there in my hometown and cared about me.
  1. I had a new family of my own to support.
  1. etc etc etc.

I pushed on with my plans and moved to Nashville.

I knew my friends meant well and every few weeks I would get a call from someone back home saying something like “you can get your old job back” or “aren’t you tired of struggling for a crazy dream?”

After 5 years I must admit I started having a few doubts of my own. Were they right? Was I crazy??

I pushed on through several failed publishing deals, and worked night and day to support my family. I tried my best to ignore the frequent calls asking if I was ready to come back home.

I pushed on.

After 7 years it happened- I got a song of mine recorded by a major band called Diamond Rio and the song went to #1 on the Billboard Chart!

I remember it very clearly the week “Beautiful Mess” went to number one on radio… I got 33 phone calls and messages saying……

“We always knew you were gonna make it!!!”

Write On!  ~ Clay

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  • Jeffrey Rubin

    Great, As you can see as is what I do when asked as professional in the music industry of over 20 years, you have to act as the winner, and be results orientated not penalty orientated, and be committed not just interested what you put into your life is what comes out of it.

  • Yeah, the old “careful what you wish for” scenario. Glad he’s enjoying life more OUTSIDE of the biz.


  • Amen to that. And to that, I’d just add that’s ALWAYS been difficult to make a living from music. There are just new ways to do it these days, and some of the old ways are, indeed, drying up. But your attitude of satisfying the creative soul first and foremost seems right on, healthy, sane.

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