Use that to leverage more sales!

Allowing you to set the selling price for your music — and to change it at any time — has been a core feature of CD Baby from the beginning. Unfortunately, most artists just choose a price when they initially sign up and never look back. Price changes on CD Baby happening quickly, which allows for some unique marketing opportunities in conjunction with your email and social networking efforts. After all, people love feeling like they’re getting a bargain!

If you have a following on Twitter, Facebook, or even a decent fan Email list, try offering a time-sensitive discount. Lower the price of your album and let your fan base know that the album is on sale for one day (or try an entire week). Give them specific dates so they know when the sale will end. When that date arrives and the sale is over, raise the album’s price in your CD Baby account to effectively end the sale.

Since the pricing on your MP3s and CDs can be different, another option is to just discount the digital download version of the album. This can be a great way to entice someone who has been sitting on the fence to finally make the purchase.

Happy Selling!