$5 SaleThe folks here at CD Baby have been working harder than ever to get the CD Baby customer base exposed to more great independent music.  Consistent email newsletters have definitely been a big part of that, and to our pleasant surprise, one of the most popular links in these newsletters has been to the $5 Sale section on CDBaby.com, with a higher click-through rate than even the top-selling albums and the editors picks. CD Baby customers are clearly hungry for some affordable, quality music in these turbulent economic times.

What is the $5 Sale Bin and how does it work? You opt your album in for this special offer. Then, if a customer buys 3 or more separate titles from our $5 Sales Bin, they get each CD for $5. You earn $3. We only keep $2. Otherwise, if the customer does NOT purchase 3 or more different titles from the Bin, the albums sell for their normal selling price. You can list your album as part of this sale from within your members account.

We’re happy to see so many customers are interested in this and strongly encourage you to include your album as part of the sale, even if just for the holidays.

Happy Selling!