When Sting documented the struggles of “forming a new band” in his Bring on the Night film, it wasn’t exactly a rags-to-riches story or the tale of a group’s rise from obscurity. I mean, he was STING, former front-man for the biggest act in the world! After The Police broke up, fans would have followed him even if he was touring with an atonal accordion ensemble.

The same cannot be said for Chris “Seth” Jackson, who is documenting the beginning struggles of a fresh group on HowToRunABand.com, a blog detailing “real life experiments in music marketing, promotion, gigging, and making money with a band.” He’s still pretty new to the endeavor but has already posted a few insightful articles and anecdotes. It seems like he is willing to be open and honest about his successes and missteps, so hopefully he’ll keep it going for some time.

-Chris R. at CD Baby