As you’re meeting all of these people in your life and career, always keep in mind how you can help someone. You should practically meditate on it before contacting them.

There must be someone you know that is exactly what they’re looking for. There must be some resource you’ve got that would really make their day. Some favor you can do.

An article you read in this morning’s paper might be of particular interest to someone you met last summer. Cut it out and mail it to them. A film/TV music supervisor might mention she’s getting married and is looking for a reggae band. You don’t do reggae, but with your database you can help her find a great band that does.

Maybe you spent 3 months shopping for a laptop. Maybe a booking agent you met today mentioned that he’s looking for a new laptop. Send him a fax or email with all the best info you found.

Give give give, and sometimes you will receive.