This is an excerpt from “Countdown to Maximum Exposure,” a free PDF guide written by and CD Baby for musicians who are preparing to release a new album within the next year.

Building Word-of-Mouth!

After you’ve released the album, your work isn’t finished. Post-release promotion efforts can be equally as vital as the lead-up.

Launching the New Media Campaign (Part II)

While the traditional media rarely covers albums after they’ve been released, the new media likes talking about new music all of the time. Continue to send your music out to blogs, podcasts, and websites to generate more buzz and accumulate positive reviews for your press kit.

Echo Good Reviews and Press Through Your Social Media, Blog, and Newsletter

Post and link to good reviews of your album, your songs, your release party, and any interviews you’ve gotten.Echoing this through the social media will help keep attention on you as an artist.Your fans will be more excited to spread the word-of-mouth love as you support your album with a tour or series of shows. Or, until you start working on the next album and start the process all over again.


You don’t get a second chance to have an album release, so it pays to do it right. By following these steps, future album releases will be even easier since you’ll build off your previous successes and the relationships you’ve established.You’ll have an established press list that will cover your next release. Plus, you’ll have even greater name recognition and accumulate more fans who can help you. And then promotional opportunities will start coming to you.

The 12 Month Plan

1.Album Release Countdown: 12 to 4 months before release

2.Album Release Countdown: 4 to 3 months until release

3.Album Release Countdown: 3 to 2 months until release

4.Album Release Countdown: 2 to 1 months before release

5.Album Release Countdown: 1 month until release

6.Album Release Countdown: the day of release

7.Album Release Countdown: post-release

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