We just hit a huge milestone at CD Baby with 100,000 songwriters signed up for our CD Baby Pro Publishing administration service…in just 4 countries so far, with 18 more coming this Spring. 100,000 songwriters banded together represent a huge collective voice to advocate for improving songwriter compensation. Now is a pivotal moment to impact your earnings for the coming years and we urge you to make your voice heard by signing this petition.

This week, three Copyright Royalty Board judges in Washington DC will review stakeholder comments regarding the mechanical royalties paid to songwriters and publishers for digital and physical sales and streams. At CD Baby, we want to get your music available into music streaming sites and download stores around the world, but we support efforts to make sure the creators are compensated at fair rates.

[Important to note that you are only collecting your streaming mechanicals and international download mechanicals if you are working with a publisher such as CD Baby Pro Publishing. Start collecting your publishing money!]

David Israelite, President/CEO of the National Music Publishers Association explained: “These three judges determine what songwriters are paid for what has become the music industry’s most significant growth sector: interactive streaming. And as interactive streaming continues to grow, and other sources of mechanical revenue — like physical products and digital downloads — continue to shrink, ensuring songwriters are fairly compensated has become critical.”

As a collective, songwriters and publishers are asking that the Copyright Royalty Board create an equitable solution to recognize the inherent value of a song and stop what has become a constant string of legal battles against songwriters.

The hundreds of thousands of artists and songwriters with CD Baby represent the largest collection of songwriters with any single publisher in the world so please sign this petition to make your songs earn more for each sale, download and stream.