New sync licensing opportunities for CD Baby Pro artists whose tracks are included in CD Baby’s pre-cleared catalog of over 2 million songs.

CD Baby, the leader in independent music distribution and publishing administration, has partnered with tech company Music Gateway, whose newly launched Sync Portal will allow over 300 global advertising agencies and 700 music supervisors worldwide to easily license tracks from CD Baby’s sync catalog of more than two million songs for usage in film, TV, commercials, video games, and more.

[Note: CD Baby artists must be signed up for CD Baby Pro publishing administration AND sync licensing to be included in this program.]

The sync licensing industry — which is reportedly worth multiple billions each year for rights owners — has changed dramatically over the past decade. Today, getting music placed in film, TV, and video productions is a key revenue stream for unsigned artists. With an increase in outlets for film, TV, commercials, games, and videos comes an increase in the need for good affordable music. That means companies like Netflix, NBC Universal, Disney ABC, Vice, and Amazon — companies that lead the way in creating quality in-house content — are turning to independent artists’ music more and more.

The advantage indie artists have as rights holders

Searching for independent music offers ad agencies, music supervisors, and their clients an additional benefit besides the breadth of choices: speed! Because independent artists often own the rights to their master recordings AND publishing, licensing a track can be a one-stop shopping experience — and many times that gives unsigned artists an edge over legacy artists whose songs are more expensive to license, and more cumbersome to secure permissions from multiple rights holders.

Music Gateway’s Sync Portal provides CD Baby with an efficient solution to deliver masters and metadata to the people who are looking for the perfect song to fit their production needs. This includes over 300 global advertising agencies and a network of more than 700 music supervisors worldwide, top supervisors such as John Houlihan, Joel C High, and Jonathan McHugh among them.

“With two million pre-cleared songs by CD Baby artists opted in for Sync Licensing, we are always looking for avenues to get our clients’ music in front of music supervisors around the globe,” says Jon Bahr, CD Baby’s VP of Music Publishing and Rights Management. “We are thrilled to be a launch partner for Music Gateway’s new Sync Portal where we can showcase our top songs to the leading agencies and supervisors.”

CD Baby has been working hard to help independent artists earn money from sync placements. In 2016, CD Baby artists had songs placed in shows like Aquarius (NBC), Vice Principles (HBO) Lucifer (FOX), Doubt (CBS), in films such as Keeping Up with the Joneses and Love, and in video games like Watch Dogs 2. This new partnership with Music Gateway is an exciting expansion of the work CD Baby has been doing for years, and promises to open many new opportunities for independent artists.

To license your songs for film, TV, video games, and more, sign up for CD Baby’s Sync Licensing program and CD Baby Pro today.

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