Well, maybe “easy” is a bit of a stretch. But if you’re looking for some sound advice on YouTube music promotion, SocialTimes.com  recently posted a good article to get you thinking about your YouTube strategy. If you mix the right attitude with smart implementation, the magic pot of gold at the end of the YouTube rainbow could be within reach. I’ll summarize the tips below, but be sure to check out the full article for further details.

1. Love what you’re doing– Success on YouTube requires a lot of hard work. If you’re not enjoying it, it’ll show in the quality or frequency of your videos.

2. Be persistent- With so much content to compete with, it may take some time before your videos catch on. Keep at it.

3. Stick to a schedule- Your audience will get hooked. Don’t leave them hanging, or else they’ll go somewhere else for entertainment.

4. Collaborate- Collaboration will sharpen your videos and ease the workload at the same time.

5. Be confident– You’re going to need thick skin when the rude comments and “dislikes” start rolling in.

6. Be consistent- Your audience will come to expect a certain approach or tone from you. Don’t give them whiplash by being random, scattered, or willfully difficult.

7. Get social- Facebook and Twitter play a huge part in making things go viral. Spread the love.

Thanks to SocialTimes.com for interviewing a number of YouTube stars and sharing their advice.

Got any YouTube advice of your own to share? We’d love to hear it. Please leave your comment below.

-Chris R. at CD Baby