Stand out from the crowd on Facebook

Tour posters, album art, gear shots, and logos are cool to post to your wall, but make sure your Facebook Page’s main profile picture is a really captivating photo of YOU. Many ad tests have shown that a striking photo of an actual person outperforms any other kind of image when it comes to music promotion. People just respond to that human element.

Also, you can make your Page’s main profile picture bigger than you might think. Don’t waste that real estate. Put it to good use! Facebook recommends your Page’s profile picture be 180 pixels wide, with a maximum of 540 pixels tall. Most people don’t use that extra length and just use a square photo.
So go ahead and create an image that’s 200px wide by 540px tall. You can do this in any photo editing program. If you don’t have one, try downloading GIMP or Picassa for free or using the variety of online photo editing tools like picresize.

As you can see on the left, the CD Baby Facebook Image is a tall rectangle rather than the usual square shaped pic. This gives us more room to communicate our message in a provocative way.

Setting Your Facebook Icon

Remember that Facebook is going to use a square portion of this image as your icon. This icon is what people see when  you leave comments or when other people view your updates in their news feed.

To adjust which part of your profile picture appears in the thumbnail icon, just place your mouse over your current profile picture and

  • Click the “Change Picture” link that appears in the top right corner
  • Next, select the “Edit Thumbnail” option
  • when you’re finished click “Save Changes.”
Now your icon will look something like this:
CD Baby Facebook thumbnail icon
-Chris R. at CD Baby
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