The Facebook “like” button is a strange sort of social media currency. You can’t KNOW exactly what it is worth in the same way you can gauge the value of the US dollar on any given day. But you still know that you want to earn lots of them, right?

“Likes,” Your Music, Persona, and Engagement Are All Different Beasts

Someone can like you as a person but hate your music. Someone can love your music but hate you as a person. Someone can be unfamiliar with your music but enjoy your online or public persona. Someone can feel connected with your music, but be totally disconnected from you as an artist. Someone can love you AND your music but be unwilling to take action to help spread the word. Visa versa, on and on, ad nauseum.

With all these different scenarios, it is hard to say what a “like” is worth on Facebook, but one thing is certain: the more “likes” and comments and interaction your Facebook page has, the better job you know you’re doing at creating content that inspires engagement, if not action. Then, the more engagement you have, the better your chances are at stirring action amongst your fans (purchasing music, attending shows, sharing with friends, etc.)

“Likes” DO Mean:

* You’ve said or posted something that resonates with someone in your network.

* It resonates with them enough to want to identify with that comment/content publicly.

* They’re interested in seeing what other people on Facebook have to say about your comment/content.

“Likes” Do NOT Mean:

* This person can be counted on to take specific actions (purchasing music, attending concerts, etc.)

* This person will “like” most or all of your content.

* That they can be counted as a true fan.

A Few Tips to Increase the Likelihood of “Likes”

* Ask questions. People always like to feel that their opinions, recommendations, and input matter.

* Don’t just post links to reviews about your music or constantly ask people to purchase your latest CD.

* Show your followers a side of yourself that enhances their connection to your music, but that is not solely based on promoting it.

* Post links to articles that interest you, other people’s music you enjoy, and news stories or issues you feel passionate about, etc.

-Chris R. at CD Baby